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Myloweslife Employee Login Guide With Steps: Myloweslife is the famous firm which is known to have provided a number of services to the people of the USA. This Company is famous and popular for its Human Resource which is providing its service with utmost devotion towards its customers. With this service towards their customers, the company has got its name among the good ones.

Despite the fact that it has begun in the USA, it became one of the most sought companies in a number of countries throughout the world. This is possible only because of its quality administration, quality service providing to its clients by its this organization. As far as the numbers go, this is the second-biggest company in the retail home improvement and also appliance firm in North America.

MyLowesLife Login
MyLowesLife Login

Not only from the customers, it also has a huge trust among its staff and employees. This is due to the association’s standards and special care towards its staff and employees. Hence most of the staff and employees of Myloweslife are pretty much happy with the company, with the benefits, with other incentives. Furthermore, you can have a glance below which will help you more with Myloweslife Employee Portal Login Guide. Login

Since you have come here, it is pretty much sure that you want to know how to Login Myloweslife. In this article of mine, I will clarify you all the insights about Myloweslife Employee Portal. You will also know how to Login the Myloweslife portal after you finish reading this guide. Prior to that for the individuals who are new to this, let me you briefly what is this myloweslife Employee Portal. This is Online Portal/ website which the company has started in the year 2009. The main use with this Portal is it helps each and every staff and employee both current and ex-worker. It also helps in keeping in touch with each other.

MyLowesLife Login
MyLowesLife Login

Employees and Staff of Myloweslife can log into the website and they can check the working schedule. It helps in knowing your shifts, their details about retirement services. It helps in sending and receiving emails about their work and job. While other employees can also know their transition info etc. With such extensive use, this has turned into an important aspect of the Myloweslife firm and its employees. Hence have a glance below to know the process of Myloweslife Employee Portal Login. We have tried our best to help you out.

How to Use Myloweslife Employee Portal: I have said already about the wide range of service that this portal is providing for its employees. Hence one must know how to use this Myloweslife Online Portal. If you are new to this and want to know how to use, then check the below guidelines. I have mentioned each and everything which will help you to know the exact way to use it.

Requirements For MyLowesLife Portal:

  1. Only current and ex-workers of Myloweslife can have an account in this online portal. So, you have to be a worker in Myloweslife firm.
  2. For entering into the Myloweslife portal, you must have a “Username”.
  3. Along with the Username, he/she also should have Password. Do not spill your password to anyone.
  4. You should have a PC or Lappy or a Smart Phone which can connect to the internet.
  5. Last and final requisite is you should have Internet Connection or Wifi Connection.

Myloweslife Employee Portal Login Guide: Have the Username and also the Password which the HR group of Myloweslife gives you. If you have both of them, then there is no one who can stop you in logging Myloweslife.

Step 1: As I said before, one should have a PC or a smartphone with Internet Connection or Wifi Connection. One should not try to Login Myloweslife account in any of the public computers which are prone to hacking.
Step 2: Take a PC or a Smart Phone and go to any of the internet browsers. You have browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Comodo Dragon etc from which you can pick anyone.
Step 3: Go to the search bar in the internet browsers, and type the web address of the company which is After that, you have to click on the search option with which you will find a number of results. Select only the official websites from the results.
Step 4: Since you are on the official website, you have to look for the Myloweslife Login option. If you look clearly you will find it on the top left corner of the homepage. Once you find it, you have to select it by clicking on it.
Step 5: By that, you will go to the Myloweslife Sign in or Myloweslife Login page. Now all you have to do is to enter your Username or your Personal Sales number in the empty blank.
Step 6: Now that you have entered your Username or Personal Sales Number, you have to go to the second empty blank. Here you should enter your Myloweslife Password. You should enter only the correct Myloweslife username and Myloweslife password.
Step 7: Once you have entered both the details then you should click on the login option. You can find this Myloweslife Login Option just below the Username and Password Columns.
Step 8: If you have entered correct username and password, you will land in your Myloweslife account without much fuss.
Step 9: Since you are in your Myloweslife Account, you have to select between Part Time or Full-Time Job. With that, it is the final step in Logging into Myloweslife portal. You can use, you can get info and whatever you want from the portal.

That’s it from our side. We have tried our best in providing you with correct and useful input for Myloweslife portal. If you follow all the steps, you will not face much problem in logging into Myloweslife Employee Portal. If you are still facing any kind of problem during the Myloweslife Portal, then you can place your query in the comment section. We are always there to help you out, so don’t hesitate to place your queries.

Lowes Benefits, Salary, Retirement – Customer Care Service

MyLowesLife Benefits and Perks: We all know how big Lowe’s Company is. It is one among the fortune 500 of retail chains in the USA as well as in the world. The major advantage that this Lowe’s Company has is its workforce. They work towards the customers and for their satisfaction. Hence Lowe’s Company, in turn, takes care of their employees and staff. They provide a number of perks, benefits etc for employees and staff. Here we are going to provide the different perks and benefits which will help the people to know more about the Lowe’s Employee Life.

MyLowesLife Benefits and Perks: There are two kinds of Benefits for the MylowesLife employees and staff. It is after the retirement. The other one is for the Income Protection Benefits. Both these benefits will help a lot for any employee who is working currently or an ex-worker for the Lowe’s Company. For Furthermore, information on the MyLowesLife Benefits and Perks, you can check below. We have provided each and every possible benefit that Lowe’s Company is offering.


  • 401(k)
  • Stock Purchase

Income Protection Benefits

  • Life
  • Basic Sick Pay
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Fixed Indemnity Plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Off-the-Job Accident Plan
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Part-Time Employee Benefits
MyLowesLife Login
MyLowesLife Login

Benefits of MylowesLife:

Employee Discount: Once you are an employee, you will get the employee discount benefit. It is applicable on any item in the Lowe’s Retail Chain. This discount offer is also available on the items which marked down already or on sale. You will also get a large discount on drinks.
Vacation & Paid Time Off: Vacation is very important for any employee. Every year, employees of Lowe’s will get a week off as Vacation Time. Lowe’s Company will take care of all the schedules and other issues regarding that particular employee.
Health Insurance: One of the best Benefit from Lowe’s Company is the Health Insurance of an employee. The Health Insurance will cover most of the medical bills once an employee falls ill. One of the highest health insurance covers in Lowe’s Company is up to 70% of the total Medical Bill.

MylowesLife Customer Care Service Details, Phone Numbers, Mail Address:

MyLowesLife Customer Care Service: If you are a current or ex-employee of Lowe’s and you want to contact the Lowe’s Company, then you can use the below details. Since the majority of the employees require these details at one point or the other, we are providing it now. Hence, you can use them and save them for the current and future use. Furthermore, check below to know more about the customer care service.

1. Current Lowe’s Employees:

  • Human Resources Phone Number: 1-888-HRINFO5 (1-888-474-6365).
  • Human Resources Mail Address:

Lowe’s Group Benefits (NB2CB)
1000 Lowes Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117.

2. Former Employees:

  • Medical Preventive Plans: Call UnitedHealthcare on 1-888-257-5689
  • Dental: 1-866-442-6272.
  • Dental Claim Questions: 1-800-942-0854.
  • Vision (VSP): 1-800-400-4569, option 2.

These are the different details which you use. Since every detail we have incorporated, we hope that you feel ease to contact the Lowe’s Company. Furthermore, if you are facing any problem, then you can contact us.

Apply & Manage Lowe’s Credit Card for Bill Clearance

Apply & Manage Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card for Easy Shopping/ Bill Clearance: If you are a shopaholic person who will buy things regularly? Then you must have the Lowe’s consumer credit card with you. This helps a lot so as to provide a stress-free online shopping experience for its users. One of the specialities of this MyLowesLife Consumer Credit Card is it provides 5% off the service charge. This offer is available while you are using it to clear online payment. Apart from that, you will also get a special promotional offer. This offer is available only within a span of six months after the activation of this Lowe’s Consumer Credit card. If you want to know more about this Credit Card, then you have to check the below information.

How To Apply Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card:

Lowe’s Credit Card has a number of benefits for its users. Hence everyone must have one so as to use all the benefits. You can easily pay bills faster. While all your transactions are safe with Lowe’s Company. Check below to know how to apply for Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card.

Lowe’s Credit Card
Lowe’s Credit Card
  • First, you have to go to the Myloweslife Employee Portal.
  • When you are on the webpage, you will see two options where you have to select the card design. There are two designs, ‘blue’ and ‘black’, which you can select.
  • Now you have to hit on the Continue option which is just below the design options.
  • Furthermore, you have to fill the form.
  • You have to enter your Name and zip code.
  • You will also enter your street address and personal mobile phone number.
  • Do not make mistakes while entering these details.
  • If you finish entering all the details, then you have to on the Continue option.
  • Next, you have to select the two options ‘Electronic Statements’ or ‘Paper Statements’. This is to receive your transaction statements every month.
  • After selecting the transaction statements, you have to hit on the Continue Option.
  • If you want, you can also purchase optional card security program.
  • As the final step, you have to read the terms and conditions.
  • When you complete reading the terms and conditions, click on ‘Accept & Submit’ option.
  • If you have entered all the correct details, then you will get your Lowe’s consumer credit card to your street address.

Hope that all the above steps are easy to understand. You can mention if something is missing in the above process, via the comment section.